Friday August 2nd

3:30-4:30 Rusty Horse

4:35-5:35 Spirit Shakers

5:40-6:40 Mountains on the Moon

6:45-7:55 Zoofunkyou

8:00-9:20 Sean McKee Band

9:30-11:00 Airshow


Saturday – August 3rd

1:00-2:00 Empty Bottle Boys and One Shot Jane

2:05-3:05 The Pistachio Brothers

3:10-4:10 Russell Thomas Group

4:15-5:25 Gozortenplat

5:30-6:40 Rust Belt

6:45-7:55 Bodhicitta

8:00-9:20 Spare Change Trio

9:30-11:00 Peacetree Allstars


Airshow is a high-flying, Nashville-based jam band featuring a unique contrast of familiar acoustic and mind-bending electric sounds that transports listeners from a campfire picking-party to the outer reaches of the multiverse

Formed by longtime friends Cody Chelius (Mandolin / Vocals) and Steve Gallagher (Guitar / Vocals), the group’s lineup was completed with the addition of Bill Baker (Bass/ Vocals) and John Rodrigue (Drums/ Vocals) in 2016. While each member has different musical influences, it is their shared passion for exploring uncharted sonic territories that has propelled their ascension to the top of Nashville’s jamband scene— and they won’t be landing anytime soon.

Peacetree Allstars

Hailing from the musical hotbed of southeastern Wisconsin, Peacetree Allstars blends the freewheeling spirit of rock with the boundless creativity of fusion. This five-piece powerhouse features a dynamic lineup of musicians who have honed their craft over years of performing together.

Bassist Trevor Mooney, drummer Mike White, keyboardist Kyle Magnusson, percussionist Joe Andreoli, and guitarist Pete Rallo combine their talents to craft a captivating sound that pays homage to the jam band greats that have inspired them – from the Grateful Dead’s improvisational explorations to Phish’s genre-blending compositions. Whether playing their own original material or putting a fresh spin on classic covers, Peacetree Allstars deliver an electrifying live show.

Spare Change Trio

This Milwaukee-based group, known largely for their eclectic live performances that incorporate the Australian Yidaki (didgeridoo) into flowing soundscapes of reggae, funk, and jazz-fusion, consistently leave audiences wanting more. Deeply rooted in the positive message of reggae music, the band has grown to realize their calling: to spread peace, love, and harmony… while laying down an infectious groove.

The Sean McKee Band

The Sean McKee Band, officially formed in 2020.  Showcases a dynamic lineup featuring Danny Lozano on drums, Drew D’astice on guitar, and Chris Pecoraro on Bass.  Together, they bring a diverse range of musical influences that contribute to the band’s unique sound.  With a shared passion for creating captivating music, each member plays a crucial role in shaping the band’s identity and ensuring a harmonious musical experience for their audience.



Bodhicitta is a quartet based out of Southeastern Wisconsin. Since their inception in 2017, Bodhicitta has captivated audiences across the midwest with their high-energy blend of funk, rock, jazz fusion, bluegrass, and countless influences.

The band has performed and shared the stage with members of Los Lobos, Umphrey’s McGee, .moe, The Wailers, Thievery Corporation, G. Love & Special Sauce, Digital Tape Machine, Joe Marcinek, Marcus Rezak, Kofi Baker (son of Ginger Baker), Ladysmith Black Mambazo, and many touring acts from around the country. Bodhicitta strives to make each show unique and different from the last, keeping audiences on their toes and steadily growing their fanbase with each performance.


Zoofunkyou is a genre-bending blues-funk phenomenon who have brought their quick-witted sonic expressionism and meaningful melodic lyrics to audiences all around the country. Based in Chicago, Zoofunkyou’s gumbo of finely crafted musical elements is a recipe that they’ve been working to perfect since 2013 with different ingredients and instrumentalists interspersed along the way. Zoofunkyou (or “Zoofü”) is dedicated to spreading love through music and creating inclusive events where people from all walks of life can feel safe and bring the emotional gratitude the band exudes from the stage home with them. In the current iteration, founder Derek Dare, Matthew Coglianese, and Jake Hennessy lead an epic ensemble consisting of a total of 5-9 members depending on the performance. As of late, they are typically joined by James Kries on Keys, and Nathan Reider on Alto Saxophone, and when they go for the “full band sound” they are joined by Connor Bernhard on Trumpet, Matt Kowalski on Trombone and Alex Santilli on Percussion. With a wide repertoire of both gripping original music and tasteful covers, their live shows have proven time and time again to enthrall, grow and inspire a vibrant fan base affectionately known as the Zoofü Crew.

Rust Belt

Rust Belt is a American Southern rock jam band from southeastern Wisconsin that formed in April of 2016. Long time veteran musicians Paul Aceto (Bass), Brandon Shilts (Guitar), Don Miller (Drums), and Kevin Schultz (Hammond organ) joined forces in creating a powerhouse of a band. With their unmistakable sound their songs paint a vivid picture of the times and culture that surrounds them.

Along with the ability to do a full night of original music, Rust Belt also covers bands and artists such as Ryan Adams, Jason Isbel, The Allman Brothers, Wide Spread Panic, Grateful Dead, Tom Petty, Paul Simon, Govt Mule, Bob Dylan, Manfred Mann, Jerry Garcia, The Band, The Monkeys and more 

Mountains on the Moon

The original trio of Chris Dozer (Guitar), Anthony Paielli (Bass), and Tyler Hagerty (Drums) together have been launching audiences into interstellar space jams since 2016. In 2020, they discovered fellow funk astronaut Alec Bradmon (Sax/Keys) and he was recruited to join in their mission.

Their mission: to send you to the moon and bring you back down to Mother Earth for a cosmic voyage.


Gozortenplat is a Frank Zappa tribute band hailing from Milwaukee, WI. For over 15 years, they have been performing as the headlining act for the longest running annual Frank Zappa tribute concert in America known as Milwaukee Zappafest. With almost 100 Frank Zappa songs in their catalogue, they deliver a unique setlist every show as well as an ever changing cast in their ensemble. The band embraces the high octane antics and comedy that permeated Frank Zappa’s live shows, and bring their own style of it to the stage. Last summer, the band took a gimongous leap forward and performed at the legendary Zappanale in Germany. This summer, they’re back for some more hot sweaty fun!


Russel Thomas Group

Instrumental trio, Russell Thomas Group, takes from a wide array of influences to form ornately composed tunes with melodies of elegance and grace, directly contrasted with edge and attitude. The bands songwriting is fresh and alluring. Each member shines with improvised solos reminiscent of jazz sensibilities.

Empty Bottle Boys

We are a group of five musicians who found a common interest in the authenticity and timelessness of Classic Country and Western. We come from varying backgrounds who have covered genres spanning from bluegrass, classic rock, pop, zydeco, and classical. The band formed following several late-night sessions of playing country classics over a glass of whiskey between lead guitarist/vocalist Colby Millea and rhythm guitarist/vocalist Adam Lantz. The band was soon after formed when acoustic bassist/vocalist Sarah Sorensen and drummer/vocalist Jim McPhaul joined the mix. After several sit-ins with the band, keyboardist and violinist Tom Nickel joined in November of 2018. We cover artists such as Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams, and many more of the Classic Country era. We also have a dozen or so originals that our fans have come to know and love.

The Pistachio Brothers

We began playing together on Black Friday, 2012, after having talked for 5 minutes. We were booked to play a show together, so thats just what we did. From the first note played there was musical chemistry that couldn’t be ignored. After a solid 4 hour gig we decided that we should play together more regularly, thus forming the beginning of Like-Minded People, which The Pistachio Brothers were originally a side project of. We realized quickly that our duo had the potential to go places, and go places we did. Since then, we have played venues all over SE Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, Chicago, and St. Petersburg, FL. We always aim to please and love to jam great music for our crowd!

Rusty Horse

Pete Mulligan and now husband and wife Barbara and Jamie Fulton met at college in northern Wisconsin. While there they became friends and shared interests that now shape the music of Rusty Horse. With guitar styles steeped in the fingerstyle blues of Jorma Kaukonen, Blind Blake and the Reverend Gary Davis, Rusty Horse offers an eclectic blend of music. Old timey blues and gospel mix with the country of Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins, the Delmore Brothers and the New Riders of the Purple Sage.  Bluegrass, traditional and polka blend with the rock and roll of Neil Young, The Band, Led Zeppelin and the Grateful Dead.  Guitars, mandolin, banjo, bass and keyboards all add up to the unique experience of a Rusty Horse performance.

Spirit Shakers

Three Guys